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The biggest overarching issue is restoring the people’s respect for Government and its credibility. My solution is to model integrity, honesty and decency; listen to my constituents; and show courage and boldness in advancing the common sense values that have made New Hampshire and America the best.






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Mike Bordes: Endorsed by Governor Chris Sununu

I’m going to focus on many of the top issues of our time in order to bring us into a better future. We’ll work together to battle addiction, improve public education, protect our 2nd Amendment rights and keep the N.H. Advantage by making sure no income or sales taxes are added. I want to be proactive in tackling these issues.

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Mike Bordes

For District 3 State Representative

These are challenging and perilous times for our State. There is so much at stake.
 Now is the time for bold leaders to speak up on behalf of our American values.  Someone who listens to their constituents and fights hard to do what is right.
Without compromise and without apology.
To rescue freedom, before it’s too late. To fight for the greatness of this country.
I’m running to be your voice in Belknap County’s 3rd district(Laconia). To be a voice for fellow Laconia residents who work hard, obey the law, love their families, practice their faith, salute our flag and stand for our national anthem.  I will be a champion for the common sense  values that have made New Hampshire and America great.


Governor Chris Sununu
Protect Our Police PAC
New Hampshire Job Creation Alliance

On The Issues

Halting The Political Divide:

I vow to work across party lines and support common sense movement. First and foremost, we are all human and entitled to our views and opinions. Those views and opinions do not make any of us bad people. We need to work on the best interests of the people and state and can’t forget the basic principles of respecting one another. My mother used to always say: ‘Michael, “You treat others as you want to be treated!” and that is the best advice possibly given. 
A simple philosophy – “Seek to understand, before seeking to be understood”  Don’t force feed your beliefs, share your thoughts and work to understand each other. Knowledge is power, we can all help each other. 

2nd Amendment:

Strong supporter of Granite State residents right to keep and bear arms.  Every law abiding citizen deserves the right to protect themselves, their family, and their property. When I am sent to Concord I will make sure my constituents right to keep and bear arms are not infringed.


I am opposed to any new taxes (Income Tax, Sales Tax, Ski Tax, Electronics Tax, etc.) Hard working families of Laconia and NH deserve to keep their hard earned dollar.  Sales Taxes only hurt our NH Advantage,  local businesses, and tourism it also raises the cost of living for local families. An Income Tax would be even more damaging to local families by making families take home less for everyday necessities and essential. I will ALWAYS oppose any attempt to impose any new taxes in New Hampshire.


As a Fiscal conservative I vow to be fiscally responsible and to stand up for the taxpayers of Laconia and NH. We cannot afford to spend more than we bring in which results in borrowing from our future to pay for today. With that being said there are certain aspects within our Government that must be funded appropriately. We must set up our children and future for success not overload them with burdensome debt.  We need Business-friendly fiscal policies which includes deregulation. Let the free-market economy work as intended . Regulation can foster a too-cozy relationship between industries and their regulators. When the free market is free to set prices, they often drop as a result. An unregulated market allows for more innovation and success. I vow to never vote for a budget that isn’t balanced and in the best interest of constituents.

Opioid Epidemic:

The Opioid Epidemic is one the largest issues currently facing Laconia and all of New Hampshire.  We need to fight the opioid epidemic through education, awareness, and action.  This also means giving first responders the tools and support needed to assist them.  We must also responsibly increase funding for our mental health and addiction programs throughout Laconia and the state.

Support Our First Responders:

As someone who comes from a long family line of First Responders we must do everything we can to support these fine men and women both Fiscally by giving them the proper tools they need as well as mentally.  There is currently too many First responders taking their own life’s.  We must expand mental health services to first responders and do all we can to prevent life-threatening consequences. Many First Responders fear losing their jobs or feel that they are weak if they admit they need help. The need for mental health care is not a sign of weakness.  I will always stand by and thank all our first responders from our firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and other emergency and rescue professionals by making sure we look after those who risk their lives looking after us.

Paid Family Leave:

I am for the State of New Hampshire establishing a paid family leave program, it must be voluntary and not an mandatory tax on ones wages and or income. The Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan proposed by Governor Sununu would be a great option for those who would like paid family leave. I would NEVER vote for an Paid Family leave plan that was mandated by the government and forces an wage/income tax upon our constituents. It should be a personal choice not government mandate.


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Mike Bordes

I believe in local control over local issues. I oppose the abuse of local control to infringe on the private property rights of New Hampshire residents or to enact overly burdensome regulations on businesses!! Our local and small businesses must be given the opportunity to survive and grow without government intrusion.
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